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My experience with magicJack

UPDATE March 6, 2012:
Today I have received a phone call from magicJack. While there is no good explanation about what had happened yesterday, I nevertheless appreciate the phone call. The disputed charges (see bellow) are in the process of being refunded to my credit card. As far as their service goes, I did end up buying the magicJack Plus today from a local Best Buy and will follow up with another post in a day or two.

I have heard many good things about Magic Jack. Ron Schenone (via Chris Perillo) has a raving review of the product on his blog. There are also plenty of wonderful reviews of the product on YouTube.

Today however I’ve had my own experience with magicJack! If magicJack is not completely a fraud, they sure walk a thin line with their marketing campaigns. Case in point. Currently on their website there is an offer for a 30 day free trail. They assure you that your credit card will not be charged until the 31st day:
Magic Jack

However it’s a big fat lie. Not only did they charge me today (March 5, 2012)- they charged my credit card twice!

magicJack charged my credit card twice

magicJack charged my credit card twice - click on the image to see larger size

Calling their customer number is useless because an automated message tells you to go to their website where you can chat with a “customer care rep” 24/7 (another big fat lie).

Do I think magicJack is a complete fraud and scam? I am not sure what to think about magicJack. But judging by my today’s initial experience, magicJack just may fall into that category.

It has been a while since I publicly complained about something, but there is much more to this story and magicJack has very slim chance of coming through in a positive light in my book. Time will show I guess.

Stay tuned for updates….

P.S. magicJack damage control person? Call me at 716 220 8724, look forward chatting with you….


Dear Consumer, BBB Has Failed You.

Not so long ago, I would not hesitate to recommend to my friends and/or clients to consider joining BBB.org and become what is known an “accredited” member. In the past I used the website of Better Business Bureau to check out more than one business. But watching last night ABC’s 20/20 report about BBB’s shady practices, I am completely disappointed by the company. Especially disappointing was BBB’s Steve Cox answers to questions of ABC’s Brian Ross.

I doubt Mr. Cox would ever read my blog, but if he does here is the script he might consider using next time he speaks to a reporter: “BBB screwed up and we are ashamed about all the allegations. We will investigate every case and will make every effort that every business gets a fair treatment by BBB.” Or something to that effect.

I have to say that as an affiliate marketer looked to BBB to see how my potential partner is handling complaints by consumers.

Gary Vaynerchuck’s Wine Library gets C from BBB?

BBB gives C to Wine Library

BBB gives C to Wine Library

The original title for this post was supposed to be “Dear Gary, BBB has failed you”. Gary Vaynerchuk is the founder of Wine Library and the host of internet’s most passionate wine show Wine Library TV. He is a best selling author and a host of a radio show Wine & Web. Gary ofter speaks to entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners across many industries and is highly respected by many people. Yet BBB.org as of this writing rated Wine Library with a C. And the irony is that right on the same page it states the following: “BBB processed a total of 0 complaints about this company in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period.” How can that be Mr. Cox? Zero complaints in last 36 months yet still a C? Is that yet another mistake or BBB just trying to get some money out of Gary Vaynerchuk? If any of my companies will every get a bad rating from BBB, it will only make me proud to be in the company of people like Gary Vaynerchuck or Wolfgang Puck, who is till rated “F” by BBB even after airing of the ABC’s 20/20 investigative piece.

Why you should not trust BBB?
We do not leave in a perfect world. People screw up. Companies screw up. Just the fact you have screwed up does not mean you are a bad individual or a sleaze company. Mr. Cox, in my opinion, missed a golden opportunity with ABC’s Brian Ross to apologize for the BBB’s screw up. Mr. Cox failed miserably choosing the sweet “denial”. By doing so, Mr. Cox made BBB to fail every consumer in US and Canada. There is no reason anyone should trust BBB or their rating system. BBB just got an “F-”! And one thing is most certain, BBB will never get a penny out of me and if I can help it neither out of my friends and/or business partners.

More coverage about BBB scandal:
Better Business Bureau Leadership To Meet In Aftermath Of Devastating ABC Expose


I Am Developing Taste For Drupal

When Aaron Wall, a well known SEO expert, predicted Drupal to be the wave of the future, I was just about getting very comfortable with WordPress. At the time I felt like taking the position on the subject but restrained myself because I did not much about Drupal even through I already fell in love with WordPress. Aarron raffled some feathers for sure when he wrote:

Drupal is more powerful than what the average blogger needs to run their site, but it has so many features and options that it can allow you to bolt many things onto your blog that you would not be able to do very easily with something like WordPress or MovableType.

Back in those days, and even today to some degree, a Drupal user was/is perceived to be more sophisticated, since better knowledge of PHP and some coding skills are needed to allow Durpal to perform the miracles for you.

Whether or not I have become more sophisticated in terms of coding skills or programing is very questionable. I am however developing taste for Drupal. Today I have no choice but to wholeheartedly agree with Aaron – Drupal is the way of the future. So much so, that I am planing to convert some of my well established websites to Drupal as soon as Drupal 7 is officially released.

Why Drupal And Why Now?
It’ very simple. Durpal allowed me to do things other platforms could not. More about it in my follow up posts.

One of the most detracting factors – user interface appears to be the thing of the past for Drupal with it’s version 7 release. See the slideshow bellow to judge for yourself:

In the Affiliate Marketing community, WordPress is probably the most popular platform. I think however that Drupal deserves a more prominent place among affiliates, both as blogging platform as well as website developing tool. At minimum, Drupal 7 has a great chance to be a popular alternative to other platforms.