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As I was watching one of Marks recent videos, I really liked the idea of providing some sort of free classifieds on your blog. If you are a programmer like Mark, it probably takes you a minute or two to whip up a script for that purpose. But if you are handicapped in the area of programing, you look for the solutions out there. I was surprised that with thousands of plugins out there there is really none specifically made for that purpose.

JunxterAds came the closest to what I was looking for. I really liked the Google API integration on their live demo. Seemingly it was perfect solution for a blog that has a lot to do with real estate. However the support for the WordPress plugin is non existent . It is hard to tell if they ever moved beyond the demo version of their website. With this widget you would be able to both to sell or offer for free classifieds system to your readers. I like the idea. I hope they would continue to invest in developing the widget.

TDO Mini Forms is the solution I have settled on. With this plugin you can allow your visitors to submit a post to your blog without need to be a registered user. You can specify that all of these posts can go into a particular category- classifieds. Then you just need to exclude posts from that category on home page and/or other pages. The beautiful part about WordPress is that it can output RSS for every thing on your blog. You can manage and offer subscriptions to only “classifieds” category.

So with that being said I have set up Free Classifieds at Go Beyond MLS. If you know anyone who is in real estate business send them my way for a test drive of my system.

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