Comprehensive Affiliate Report

It is hard to top Shawn Collins’ AffStat Merchant Report– a survey of over one hundred and thirty affiliate managers on their overall statistics. The survey has also addressed several very important issues about affiliate marketing.

If you are an affiliate manager, you may find this book as invaluable source of information. The book includes a section where other affiliate managers sound off in their own words. You can use this as a guide to affiliate recruiting and a great resource for your affiliate program.

Why should you listen to Shawn Collins? Shawn’s name is one of the most known names in the affiliate industry. As a super affiliate he was recipient of variety of awards. He is the owner of Shawn Collins Consulting– where you can outsource your affiliate program. Most importantly the data in his report is often referred and quoted to by Washington Times, New York Times and Inc. Magazine.

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Meet the Author

Fr Vlad Zablotskyy