FTC: “No Intention To Sue Bloggers…”

For the last few weeks (or maybe months) every affiliate logging into their Commission Junction account was greeted with the announcement about FTC Guideline which will take effect just a few days from today:
Announcement at CJ re: FTC Guidelines
I find it interesting that one of the videos on FTC website aimed to answer this question – “Is the FTC planning to sue bloggers?”:

I tend to react emotionally whenever word “blogger” and “lawsuit” are mentioned in the same sentence. If I were to advise anyone from my personal experience– I would say try to avoid lawsuits at all cost. There are of course situations you can’t avoid them….

Much of the fear that is being spread about the new FTC guidelines is likely as emotional as my comment on Andy’s latest post. Some fear that bloggers might get in trouble for promoting products and services. There is one simple solution not to get in trouble- disclosure and transparency. All five of the videos put together by FTC in one way or another address the issue of disclosure and transparency.

I think the bigger issue missed by most pundits is whether or not FTC will enforce their guidelines evenly and justly?

Personally I believe there is a greater danger for a blogger to get sued by many other parties before you get in trouble with FTC. Just think about it- if you disclose and are transparent about possible conflict of interest you should not have anything to worry about.

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