Group Platform And Geek Realtors Are Comming Your Way

I was planing to share with my readers for some time now something very exciting. Soon I will be blogging at Group Platform and specifically at Geek Realtors. But like Mark, the man behind this new blog network, I also need to pay my bills and put food on the table. So it took me a while to put some thoughts together for this post.

So what is Group Platform? If you know a little about blog networks, you can start your imagination working from there. Group Platform will be much more than just another blog network, it will be a network of communities focused on specific topics, real estate and technology being one of those topics.

Why did I join? Well, besides a money making opportunity, I want to be a part of something bigger, as David pointed out in his recent video. It also gives me an opportunity to give back, but before I talk about that let me explain why Geek Realtors.

Before I have plunged full time into affiliate marketing I was a real estate agent. You see there are many similar things in these two professions. Both Realtors’ and affiliate marketers’ pay is based on commissions and we can not afford to pay our bills or put the food on the table until sale takes place. The difference is that my job as affiliate marketer is easier than that of my former colleagues in real estate.

So what I will be writing about on Geek Realtors? To sum up I will be writing about real estate and technology through a lens of an internet marketer. One by one we will be turning Realtors into geeks who will be able to stand on their own in the internet marketing arena. So stay tuned!!!

Meet the Author

Fr Vlad Zablotskyy