How Do You Diversify In Affiliate Marketing?

Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket!Some times I feel like writing a post that will consist of questions only. I am sure many affiliate marketers maybe asking themselves similar questions. The difference probably is that they may know the answers. I am not so fortunate.

How do you think your business will be impacted by what is going on Wall Street? How this will impact online shoppers? How do you diversify your business to survive times like this?

I have never see things like this in my life time. Certainly nothing close in magnitude took place since I joined affiliate marketing.

Fortunately I did not see any difference in income from my websites yet. But I wonder that affiliates promoting AIG or financial and bank merchants took a hit in recent days. This of course brings another question to mind, is it good for affiliate marketer to follow your “heart and passion”. What if your passion was in insurance and finances?

We often hear that in order to be successful in investing you need to diversify. What is the best way to diversify in affiliate marketing?

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I have plenty of questions yet few answers. Hopefully you will help me to answer few of them.

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Fr Vlad Zablotskyy