Improving My Blog and Blogging In General.

It happened again. I was tagged to participate in “Blog Improvement Zone Meme” started by Dane Morgan. Evidently Dane has never participated in a meme in the past, and to be honest I do not blame him. There is only so many times you can write 5 things about you before it gets boring.

As other bloggers I would love to improve on some technical/geeky aspects of my blog, however I will write about some things I would like to improve on that are not necessarily related to my programing skills. Besides there is always Blog Stokes, where you can find tons of info and tips on how to modify your WordPress.

So here is my dirt. I will list the things I would like to improve on as they come to mind not as a prioritized list.

  1. Cutting Down On “Drafts”- this one is becoming quiet a problem for me. At the moment 14 draft posts that I started to write some time in the past but never got around to finish them. Main reason I end up not finishing my posts is that as an affiliate marketer there are always more urgent things to do than blogging- one of them is to “baby sit” my PPC campaigns and trying to keep on top of ever changing guidelines in AdWords.
  2. In need to “step up” a notch. This one is based on the fact that I have received some good and juicy links from blogs that are much younger than mine but supersede my blog in quality. For me getting a incoming link brings with it not only satisfaction from being “noticed” but also the responsibility to the blogger giving me a link as well as to the visitors he is sending along the way.
  3. Staying focused. As you can see from the title of my blog, I am writing suppose to be writing about my experience in affiliate marketing. However I often write about things unrelated to affiliate marketing.

I know that improving on these three things, I can bring my blog and blogging in general to another level, and I am glad Dane tagged me for this meme. How about you, do you think your blogging can be improved?

I am tagging for this meme following bloggers. I subscribe to these blogs but and I think they produce much better content than I do. However as blog owners they have probably thought about improving their blogs so I am interested to find out what exactly would they improve on:

If you have already participated in such a meme feel free to send a trackback to this post.

Update: Chris from Search Anyway Blog has just responded with a video to this meme, but since he cannot ping my blog I decided to give him a link from this post. Take a look what he said.

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