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UPDATE March 6, 2012:
Today I have received a phone call from magicJack. While there is no good explanation about what had happened yesterday, I nevertheless appreciate the phone call. The disputed charges (see bellow) are in the process of being refunded to my credit card. As far as their service goes, I did end up buying the magicJack Plus today from a local Best Buy and will follow up with another post in a day or two.

I have heard many good things about Magic Jack. Ron Schenone (via Chris Perillo) has a raving review of the product on his blog. There are also plenty of wonderful reviews of the product on YouTube.

Today however I’ve had my own experience with magicJack! If magicJack is not completely a fraud, they sure walk a thin line with their marketing campaigns. Case in point. Currently on their website there is an offer for a 30 day free trail. They assure you that your credit card will not be charged until the 31st day:
Magic Jack

However it’s a big fat lie. Not only did they charge me today (March 5, 2012)- they charged my credit card twice!

magicJack charged my credit card twice

magicJack charged my credit card twice - click on the image to see larger size

Calling their customer number is useless because an automated message tells you to go to their website where you can chat with a “customer care rep” 24/7 (another big fat lie).

Do I think magicJack is a complete fraud and scam? I am not sure what to think about magicJack. But judging by my today’s initial experience, magicJack just may fall into that category.

It has been a while since I publicly complained about something, but there is much more to this story and magicJack has very slim chance of coming through in a positive light in my book. Time will show I guess.

Stay tuned for updates….

P.S. magicJack damage control person? Call me at 716 220 8724, look forward chatting with you….

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