Making My Readers Famous: Shawn Collins

If you were following my blog, you may have noticed new category on my blog called My Famous Readers, which I introduced few days ago. This category was sparked by my recent “addiction“. MyBlogLog tool can actually show your picture or some sort of avatar associated with your profile at MyBlogLog on my website or websites of other memvers of MyBlogLog Community. If you have not set either picture or avatar it would be good idea to do so.

Every time I access my blog, the first thing I do is to scroll down to see who were last 5 people to visit my blog. I am surprised (pleasantly) every day.

So today one of my 5 most recent visitors was Shawn Collins. A name well known in the affiliate marketing industry. Shawn Collins is a recipient of 2006 LinkSare Golden Link Award in the category Performance Marketing’s Most Vocal Advocate . If you are just getting into Affiliate marketing I highly recommend subscribing to Shawn’s Blog. There you can find great tips, news and advise on affiliate marketing. If you have a company and are planing to start your own affiliate program yet do not know where to begin, you may consider visiting Shawn Collins Consulting.

Some times I wonder whether people like Shawn come to my website by mistake. Of course it makes me happy and keeps my “addiction” alive. Thanks for stopping by Shawn!

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