My first AdBrite check

According to my account with AdBrite* they are sending me my very first check of $37! It is not that big of a deal you would say but it is batter than nothing. I think you can begin to make real money with AdBrite whenever you have a situation of return customers buying ads on your site, as long as you have only network ads showing on your site, you are being payed on CPC (Cost Per Click) basis. This prices are relatively low to what you can make with AdBrite whenever you have a “direct” purchase.

At any rate, if you are looking to find out whether or not you can make some extra cash by selling the space of your website for ads, the answer is definitely YES! Nevertheless you should not expect to see spectacular results overnight, unless your website is receiving high volume of traffic.

I think one of the factor for begin successful AdBrite Publisher is to provide as relevant keywords for your site as possible. At least this is true in my case since most of the ads shown on my site are so called “network ads”. In other words if your website is about pets do not give AdBrite keywords about financing. While these ads may have a better potential in pricing, due to disparity of the content of your site and the adds, your click through rate will be very low which will translate into your earnings. This is only true about network adds being shown on your site, it allows AdBrite to select appropriate ads for your website. During the direct purchase the keywords are irrelevant since you are dealing directly with the advertiser.

I really enjoy what AdBrite has to offer, and if you decide to join this network I wish you much success!

*Disclosure: All links in this article are “affiliate links” if you use them and become AdBrite publisher or advertiser, I will recieve a comission for reffering you to AdBrite

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