My New Office @ Vlad Zablotskyy Interpreting LLC

Vlad Zablotskyy in his new office
Runing a business from home has it’s advantages. You may enjoy working in your pajamas and make your own schedule.

I on the other hand have always struggled with working from home. Not only managing my own time was an issue. But the comfort of working in my pajamas resulted int he fact that many days I had no idea what was the weather like outside.

Since the launch of my Interpreting and Translating business over a year ago other factors began to influence my desire to move my home based business outside of my home. And while my primary focus will be my interpreting business, I plan to continue to share my experience in affiliate marketing as well.

Today I am writing my first blog post in my new office. I feel very fortunate because I realize that not every blogger and affiliate marketer can afford to have an actual office, not to say that many are not enjoying working from home. I am double fortunate because my office expenses are next to nothing- besides the cost of my internet connection I really have no other expenses.

Originally I did not anticipate to move into this office until December 1st, things went much batter and faster then I thought or planned.

If you are ever in the area feel free to look me up and stop by.

Finally I would like to thank all of my friends for the support and advice that made this move an absolute pleasure.

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