My New Year Resolutions for 2010

New Year ResolutionsBefore I start this post, I would like to wish every one who may read it a Happy and Healthy 2010. I hope you are trying to accomplish something new in 2010. I expect to accomplish following things:

  1. To Quit Smoking. This will probably be the most difficult thing to accomplish. I have been smoking since my early teenage years and have failed miserably every time I attempted to quit. I will be documenting my quitting struggle on a blog I have created recently called 72 Hours Quest. My previous attempts to quit were always accompanied with a lot of frustration. I plan to use the above mentioned blog as an outlet for my frustration associated with quitting smoking, I know people close to me will like that. If you have a solid advise for me in this area please do not hesitate to voice it at 72 Hours Quest. My intention is to usher in the 2010 being semi “nicotine” fee. I say semi-free because it takes 72 hours, or so they say, for the nicotine to leave your body. I had not smoked since last night.
  2. Taking my affiliate business to the next level. For the last 5 years I was able to explore different business possibilities. The truth is, without my wife I could have never done that. So now it is time for her to take a brake. My intention this year as far as my affiliate business go is very simple – I will attempt to take it to solid 6 figures.
  3. Blogging. Making every effort to write a blog post every day. Last year, as far as blogging goes, was nothing short of a failure. I have not posted on regular basis, and spent most of my time building websites, landing pages, and “babysitting” my PPC campaigns. I know I can do much better job in this respect. There are certainly enough people out there to inspire me. Take for example Geno Prussakov who writes Affiliate Marketing Blog or Chris Brogan – I believe these two gentlemen have not gone without writing a blog posts every day. I am not sure I have in me to post something every day- so I will be less ambitious. I will attempt two or three posts per week from now on.
  4. Going DoFollow again. If you know me for some times now, you probably realize I am highly influenced by bloggers like Andy Beard, Matt Brown, Dane Morgan. All three of them have influenced me in the past to remove nofollow attribute from the links in the comment. Unfortunately during the course of last year I have reinstated the use of nofollow attribute in the comments on all of my blogs. Main reason comment spam being lazy, but also maybe the use of Dofollow plugins had a wrong motive behid, otherwise it is hard to believe I gave up so easily. I tried to convince myself that increasing amount of spam justifies the use of nofollw. The truth is that the only justifiable use of nofollow attribute is. as some SEO experts may claim, to redistribute the flow of “juices” on your websites. So from January 1st, 2010 most, if not all, of my blogs should be nofollow free again. While it can prove useful otherwise, in the comments nofollow attribute makes absolutely no sense.
  5. Selling some of my blogs/websites. Yes I have more than few of those. If you want to stay in the loop you must subscribe to my blog ;).
  6. Going back to Apple. No offense intended for Bill Gates, but I have developed certain disgust towards all that is Microsoft. Well, maybe not all. Microsoft Ad Center is the only product I use- but use it because I need it not because I like it. Anyway… About two year ago I went with Linux (Ubutnu to be exact) as an operating system on all my computers. It has been great experience! I know that on my new Apple computers I will continue to run a version of Linux. I have moved away from using Apple computers but never fell out of love with them. It is time come back. If I only had a chance to explain to Steve how much I love Aplle, he would most certainly send me a new MacBook or iMac (the two machines I plan to buy in 2010 for my home and office). Steve??? 🙂
  7. Meeting with at least one local business owner every week. For the last two years I have been blessed to work with Ann Shortt, the owner of Chocolate Belles in Brick, NJ. I advised her (and continue to do so) about her website and Internet marketing. Following is from the Christmas card Ann sent me this year:

    Hi Vlad,

    I just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas. Thank you so much for being so kind and helping me throughout the year with my web. Our store has made it through this horrible economy with your help. I can’t thank you enough!

    May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy Healthy New Year!


    Needless to say that nothing makes you feel more fulfilled and satisfied than helping others. So I need your help to fulfill this resolution. If you leave within 2 hours driving time from Jackson, NJ own a business and think you can use some advise about your website or your Internet marketing strategy please use this page to get in touch with me. There is no catch to this besides that I want to meet you. There is only one condition I have is that we must never have met in the past.

So do you think I have to expect too much of myself? What about you did you make any resolutions? I would love to hear/read them.

Photo Credit: Bartek Ambrozik

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