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Post Affiliate Summit East 2010 Notes

Attending Affiliate Summit East 2010 in New York City was probably one the best things I have done this year so far. It turns out that this recent Affiliate Summit East had the largest number of attendees to date. Affiliate Summit was attended by only 200 people when it was first launched back in 2003. Today it is the most important event in affiliate marketing industry.

Affiliate Summit East 2010 BadgeHow Did I Get There?
For the past two years I have been trying to attend the Affiliate Summit, however I had to cancel my attendance twice even though both times I was a lucky recipient of a Press Pass. Each year Affiliate Summit offers press passes to bloggers and journalists. All you need to do is to show up and cover Affiliate Summit in your publication. Press Pass offers you the same access to the show as Platinum Pass would, with some limitations (I am not quiet sure what are the limitations, but my badge said so – pictured to the right).

How Can You Get There?
The dates for the next Affiliate Summit are January 9-11, 2011 and the show will take place in Las Vegas. The registration for Affiliate Summit West 2011 is now opened and you can find more information by visiting Affiliate Summit official website. Interested in Press Pass? Submit your information here.

Interested To Become My Sponsor?
While I am thankful to Affiliate Summit for offering me the Press Pass, I think there are much better bloggers out there who can benefit from the Press Pass. I am still interested in attending all future Affiliate Summits, but as of today I cannot do it unless I find a sponsor. If you are interested to be my sponsor for the upcoming Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas please contact me to learn how you can benefit from sponsoring me.

About Post Affiliate Summit Notes On My Blog.
Going to Affiliate Summit I had every intention to cover the summit on by blog while attending it myself. I quickly realized however, that I was giving my blogging skills too much credit. So instead I decided to start on my blog something I will call from now on “Post Affiliate Summit Notes“. In these “notes” I will share about my experience, the things I’ve learned and wonderful people I have met. If you think you can benefit from these notes, please subscribe to my weekly newsletter (the form located on the top of the sidebar).


First Day At Affiliate Summit East 2010

My first ever time at the Affiliate Summit is turning out to a great experience. As a newcomer to Affiliate Summit, my game plan is not extremely ambitious. I plan to finally meet bunch of people whom I’ve had pleasure to know on Internet. Meeting new people. Hopefully discover a new opportunity or two. That’s pretty much my game plan.

Literally minutes after arriving to Affilliate Summit I ran across Jeremy Palmer from Quit Your Day Job. Jeremy and his “High Performance Affiliate Marketing” e-book were quit instrumental to get me started in affiliate marketing back in 2006. To meet him right in the beginning of the summit Was definitely a treat.

Jeremy Palmer From Quit Your Day Job

I plan to attend few sessions, but I think there is nothing better than chilling at the bloggers room! Special thanks to Heather Smith of Beautiful British Columbia for being a great BlogMistress! Stay tuned for more from Affiliate Summit!

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