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Update: I have canceled my account with ReviewMe. Please do not inquire about paid reviews on this blog.

Since some bloggers have already written and said things about ReviewMe affiliate program, I did not feel like I have something of value to contribute the the conversation. But today I have received an e-mail from PayPal which notified me that first payment from ReviewMe has arrived. While this was only $30 and most of it went right back on promoting this blog, this fact nevertheless gave me a boost to write a few words, which will summarize and hopefully help me to remember reasons I joined the ReviewMe in the first place.

While there are so many opportunities for a blogger to monetize their blog, ReviewMe caught my eye due to the fact that the advertisers can not neither require nor expect only positive reviews by bloggers. This reason along can provide an excellent ground for unbiased feedback for advertisers as well as (in case of highly trafficked blogs) some extra traffic. But of course there is a temptation that comes with the territory. Once in a while you may receive a request to review something that is way off the topic that your gnrally blog about or even better sometimes it may look like it fits what you are writing about but the website itself can be a complete scam. Some times you may be tempted to experiment with such request, get the money write absolutely condemning review and run. Unfortunately the link in the review will not run with you! So if you are worried about whether or not a somewhat negative or I should say critical review will be approved, learn from me! It was approved and I just got paid for it. I think good and constructive criticism can go a long way to help you with your reputation, but it also can help advertisers to reexamine the way they run their websites and services associated with their websites.

Initially, after joining, I had issues with the idea of “sitting and waiting” for advertisers coming to me. I like to be a little more proactive, so the launch of the ReviewMe Affiliate Program solves that issue. Somewhere on the sidebar of this blog you will find a little funny “ME” holding as $60 poster, just like the one you see on the top right of this post. I like this unique way of creating this banner which shows you right away how much it will cost you to be reviewed on my blog. A while back I complained that my statistics where behind, but that was fixed as well. I thought that if my statistics where up to date, the price will be higher as well. But now that we have freedom to adjust blog statistics every other day or so with th freedom of setting our own prices, I am quiet content with $60 for now. There were some blogs in the past with hundreds of subscribers and much better traffic that were priced at $60 just as mine was. I do hope these blog owners took advantage of this feature and adjusted prices to what they see fit and fair.

Of course the affiliate program offers you a better chance to make a few dollars because even if advertiser does not buy a review from on your blog but purchases review on another blog you have a chance to pocket $25 for referring that advertiser.

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