The Secret Is A Scam

Can a leather briefcase containing 10 CDs, MP3 player (supposedly preloaded with 15 hours of instructions), 15 lessons (500+ pages) on starting the Internet Business, action planner, compact vision boards (whatever they are) and a $500 gift certificate be worth $1,995?

Granted, $500 certificate maybe worth just that (depends where you can use it). Unfortunate part is that this so called gift certificate cannot be used at Macy’s. It is only valid if you want to attend live “Secret” seminars.

When I wrote my original post about the Secret, the website contained the graphic that clearly showed it to be a pyramid scheme. Since then, the Secret website was modified- the graphic was taken down and more emphasis is placed on the product (the items listed in the firs paragraph).

So what is a pyramid scheme and and what is not? I am not sure I agree with Wikipedia’s definition of a pyramid scheme anymore. As I see it, some products sold at a price that exceeds (in, what can be called, a drastic manner) the real value of the product is a scam in itself. So what about their affiliate program? They do sell a product after all. Well in order to make money you need to become their affiliate and start selling the product. To me it is a pyramid scheme with a twist, where the twist lies in so called “product”. The product on its own will not teach how or help you to make money unless you become their affiliate.

So my verdict about the Secret is – SCAM and WASTE OF YOUR MONEY.

No links to this scam please.

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Fr Vlad Zablotskyy