The Secret Of Getting “Ripped Off” on Oprah Show?

I would probably pass this kind of thing by. But I could not help myself not looking deeper into this so called “secret” after receiving a request to review an affiliate website that promotes “the official secret seminar“(Google Search Result). While I declined to do a sponsored review of this site I have to point out that from an affiliate marketing point of view the website (or rather the landing page- the only page on the website) was very well done. But after clicking around and landing on the “merchant website” I found few things quiet disturbing. First the image below:


(Explanation: You Spend $1,995 + You get “ripped off”=”The Official Secret Seminar)

Yep, MLM pyramid scam! While the website that contained this image had no mention of the fact that “the teachers” of the secret were featured on the Oprah Show, the affiliate site prominently displayed the clip from the show. So I went to the Oprah website and sure enough she did hosted a show, where at least one of the “teachers” (Rev. Michael Beckwith) was present. I wonder if Oprah even realized who were her guests. The show itself was centered around well acclaimed Australian movie, and probably had nothing to do directly with “the official secret seminar” (Google results).

I doubt if any of these teachers would ever read my blog, but just in case they do I have only one thing to say “SHAME ON YOU!

I really do not want to go into the religious aspect of this, but if I did I would have one more thing to say to them “SHAME ON YOU!

To all of the affiliate out there, please do not promote these kind of scams.

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Fr Vlad Zablotskyy