Tips On Making Money With AdBrite

So you have joined AdBrite? You may be one of those lucky web-masters or bloggers that will immediately start benefiting from the advertising ads shown on your blog or website. Chances are that you may also be one of many who, after joining AdBrite and placing the necessary codes on your website, will earn pennies per day as weeks and months pass them by. Every forum or website you go to, to find an advise on how to monetize on your website via advertisements, you will read that in order to begin earning any good money with advertisements on your website, you will need traffic and lots of it.

There are few things that you can do to improve your chances on earning better income from AdBrite, even if your website does not have much traffic. Basic understanding on how AdBrite works will help you to set a stage for success with advertising.

Placing Your Website in Correct Category and Choosing the Right Keywords.

Whenever you create a new AdBrite add zone for your website, you are asked to choose a category to which your website belongs. While this may seam as a simple step, placing your website in a wrong category will affect the kind of adds that will be shown on your website. If your website, for example is about cosmetics and you have chosen for your website a category for websites about pets, the future visitors may wonder why the advertisements for animal products are shown on your website.

You may also consider to use wisely the description field for your website. Many web masters use the description that is exact copy of the description they have used when submitting their websites to other directories and search engines. While this kind of description is OK, you will be better off to you use that option to sell your space. You can, for example mention that all AdBrite advertisements are located above the “fold” on your website. Many advertisers know that adds located above the fold have much better click-through.

After choosing the category, you will be asked to provide two sets of keywords. One- to describe the content and nature of your website. The other- to let advertisers know what they can sell via advertisements on your website. Make sure that each group of keywords are related. This will only compliment the content of your website and most likely improve the click-through of your ads.

The above steps of course are not important should you choose to manually approve each and every add. But if you let AdBrite to approve the adds, they will most likely reflect the keywords you have provided in one of the steps while setting an add zone.

Pricing Your Add Zone.

One of the great features available to AdBrite publishers is that they can choose to set their own prices that will be used in direct purchases. Setting the right price is very important. While you may have an ambition of showing an advertising at $100 per day, this will only work for high trafficked websites. On the other hand setting lower then your competitors may result in poor earnings. With time you will be able to adjust prices after you learn what works and what does not. Having the freedom to set your own prices, you may also use it as an incentive feature. Let say you have set the price at $1 per day. You can offer a discount to those advertisers who will choose to place a weekly rate at $5 or a monthly rate at $20.

Developing Relationships With AdBrite Advertisers.

Since you will be able to manually approve all direct purchases, use this opportunity to build a business relationship with your advertisers. Do not be afraid to ask for their feedback even if they do not repurchase the adds on your website in the future. This feedback will provide you with tips on how to improve your efforts.

Upon approval of specific adds for your website send an e-mail to your advertisers reminding them to install tracking code on their website. If they have done so, send them another e-mail to see whether or not their campaign is performing well.

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Fr Vlad Zablotskyy