A Thanksgiving Gift: Part 2

I have originally planned to write individual posts about each and every blogger who took me up on my Thanksgiving Offer. However tomorrow I am leaving for San Francisco, CA and will not be back until Friday. Knowing myself, it will become more challenging to fulfill my promise if I postpone it even one day. I am sure my readers will find following blogs worthy of their attention:

  1. Bluefrogx– this blogger was the first to take me up on my offer. Although there is very little on his(or maybe her) about page- the page exists thus it had qualified for this post. When you visit this blog (and I hope you do) there seams to be a beta video downloader– a tool that can be quiet useful if a user would prefare to download a YouTube video to watch at a later time. I hope to see this project materialize and hopefully above links would serve as an encouragement.
  2. Case Stevens– the author of Affordable Internet Marketing Blog. Needless to say I encourage you o subscribe to his blog if your are into Internet marketing. While at his blog make sure to check out Article Tutorials and Resource pages for some great tips and advise.
  3. Warren Whitlock- the author of Daily Warren Blog and Book Marketing Strategy. If you think that writing a book is a thing of the past, you must check out Warrens websites. You never know he may help you to become a best selling author.
  4. Clement Nyirenda – he is a lecturer, researcher and consultant in Electronics and Computer Engineering at the Malawi Polytechnic, a constituent college of the University of Malawi.I am specifically involved in the development of Computational Intelligence based software for communication networks and other dynamic environments.Of late, I have developed a huge interest in Wireless Sensor Networks and Grid Computing.
  5. Nazar- the author of Real Ukraine. He stopped by to let me know that some of my pages were not functioning properly. However if you would like to learn about the country I am from, visit his blog.
  6. Alex Sysoef- the author of WordPress Web 2.0 Guide For Social Networks Age– the name of the blog says it all.
  7. Sam Freedom’s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog– while I am just discovering Sam’s blog, it had captivated me from the start. While the name of the blog implies that a reader may find some sort of controversy there, I personally think Sam’s style makes him stand out from the crowd. Take a look at his Controversy Blog Meme. Great job Sam! Even though I am saying good bye to “full time” in affiliate marketing, I will continue to read your blog- very informative and with a hit of humor. We can have fun while doing the things we love!
  8. Matt- the author of The Fantastic Site and Imaginary Hyperspace of Lord Matt. We have crossed our paths many times in the space of blogs and social bookmarking websites. Matt is a great blogger – the kind that makes you think. I am sure he cringed times and again over my grammar, so I am honored he continues to read my writing. Make sure visit his blog!
  9. Last but not least Chris B– she writes for Mark Houstong Recovery Blog. Mark Houston Recovery Center is a male resident only recovery center where men can find professional help dealing with alcohol and drug addictions.

Thank you every one for letting me write about you. I wish you much success!

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