Adapt Technologies to Exhibit at Search Engine Strategies

If you are planing to attend Search Engine Strategies conference in New York City (April 10-13), one of the companies you should look for is Adapt Technologies. In a recent press release company has announced that it will participate in the conference with intention to promote their new product SEM-in-a-Box.

adaptsem.PNGI have previously written about the product. The reason company caught my eye was that their product SEM-in-a-Box offers you an opportunity to manage Panama, Google AdWords and MSN AdCenter  (Update: Erica Forrette from Adpot Technologies just e-mailed me to correct me that MSN AdCenter is can not be managed via SEM-in-a-Box, hopefully “yet” I will add) pay per click campaigns in one interface. Campaign Converter, which comes free with SEM-in-a-Box, allows you to prepare properly-formated campaigns for Yahoo! Panama using your current Google AdWords campaigns keywords, settings and configurations.

In the press release, Micheal Harris, CEO of Adapt stated:

As search marketing becomes more complex and time-consuming, even smaller companies need help with optimizing their efforts while spending less time on campaign management, SEM-in-a-Box offers a cost-effective solution to these marketers who may not be able to afford hiring a consultant or agency.

While I personally am still not convinced about cost-effectiveness of the product when it comes to smaller advertisers like myself, company definitely has my attention and I will try to cover closely Adapt’s latest developments and products.

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