Can You Really Monetize Your Passion?

The purpose of this post is manifold. On one had I would like to announce a change of direction that my life is taking (which will be reflected on my online activity), on the other hand I would like to address something I was told and advised by many well respected leaders in the affiliate marketing. Finally if you find yourself in a predicament similar to mine, I hope this article will help you in some ways.

“Find What You Are Passionate About- And Monetize It”

With all due respect to every one who offers such advise, in my experience this is most ridiculous advise I have ever read. I think my problem lies in the manner in which I understand what passion is. Unfortunately what I am truly passionate about has nothing to do with widgets, products, games memorabilia and all other sorts of things. To me this advise just an empty saying.

Your Passion Can Be Greater…..

Lets presume for a second that you are passionate about something that truly can change the world. Not in a KawasakiTruemors manner, but in a way that would help thousands of men and women around the world. What if your passion is such that you do not feel right about monetizing it?

Can I Successfully Sell A Product/Service Without Being Passionate About It?

Absolutely! It all has to do with knowledge and numbers as simple as that. You can learn about the product, the potential customers, the best way to promote the products and numbers will help you to determine your success or failure. That is basically all you need in affiliate marketing. If you are intelligent enough to read understand (despite my terrible grammar) this post, you are intelligent enough to learn things in order to succeed online- keep that in mind next time you read the “monetize your passion” sorts of articles. If I made good money selling products through affiliate programs without being passionate about them, so can you.

Following My Passion…

There is a certain satisfaction that comes from following your passion. This satisfaction can not be brought about by money and success. It comes from realizing that there maybe at least one person who’s life you have touched. It comes from realizing that your life is not spent in wane.

We often think that we have plenty of time to follow our passion. The truth is can not be more contrary.

My adventure as an affiliate marketer is coming to an end. I probably will continue to earn some (passive income) from the websites I’ve built so far. I may even sell some in the future.

As my passion has nothing to do with affiliate marketing I see no point to link to my new blogs and websites. If you are my friend on any of the “social networking” communities, you will be noticing some changes in my profile.

Because of these changes, my blogging here is going to diminish and may completely stop in the future. Unless of course I decide to overhaul this website completely. I will however fulfill my “Thanksgiving Gift to Bloggers”.

Meet the Author

Fr Vlad Zablotskyy