What’s Up With Your URL- Continued

Is your domain good enough? You may ask yourself this question after reading Making Money With Video, by Chris over at SearchAnyway Blog. Chris, pointing out the importance of choosing a good domain for your website, uses my site as an example (making sure that it is an example of an exception to the rule):

Choosing a domain name: ……. This is very sound advice. Although there are those that have managed to violate that rule as well, they are the exception rather than the rule. In short, good keyword domains are nearly impossible to find, so short, snappy, and easy to spell are definitely your first considerations.

I think when you think in terms of Marketing, choosing a catchy and easy to remember and spell domain name is important. When it comes to SEO, as I see it, there is much “copy” and “paste” involved here. Of course it makes a lot of difference if you understand where to copy and paste from and into. For example the quote above, was copied and pasted into this article directly from Chris’ blog. Was it difficult to do? Not really. Funny thing is that I copied an evidence that it was not difficult for Chris neither to copy and paste the URL to one of my posts, no matter how uncatchy and uneasy to remember my URL is.

As I mentioned in the article about my strange URL, if I had to do it now, I would probably choose a different one. But there was at least one comment on that post in my defense:

I wouldn’t worry about it, you can rank for all types of things.
It is actually good to have one blog that is just you, and that you won’t be tempted to sell.

So if you write good content people will do the SEO magic for you- copy and paste your URLs desite it being unmemorable and difficult to spell. While I agree with Chris about importance of choosing good domain name, I would like to poit out that “the exeption to the rule” that in some cases my site enjoys is a result of hard work and not just freak luck. Don’t expect to have you site listed on the first page of Google only because you have a keyword in your domain name, or because it is catchy and easy to remember.

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