Paid Reviews by Vlad – Starting at $15,000 per Review!

Last night as I was reading through my Facebook news feed I came across a video from Shawn Collins, the founder of Affiliate Summit:

The above video got me thinking…. Is Shawn leaving a lot of money on the table? So I was thinking and then a moment of enlightenment came- if Shawn does not want to do paid reviews I will. Heck, I have done them in the past (more about that in the future)!

So I am extremely excited to announce

Price: Starting at $15,000.00 per review
Value: Too Astronomical To Measure!!!
Secret Weapon: rel=”tripplefollow” attribute on all links to your website!!!!

Now I know some of you maybe thinking that I’ve lost my mind. But do not jump to conclusions yet! Did you notice my secret weapon??? Yep. The newest innovation in the SEO industry- once you get a link with that attribute (“tripplefollow”), your site will appear not in the first, second or third place in the search results of all major search engines but above their Logos!!! No one attempted this ever before, and while I am still in beta with this new attribute I can tell you prospects are incredible!

I am also thinking of implementing an affiliate program. I am still working out details, but I am pretty sure to have one of the highest commission in the industry starting at 99% (or $14,850.00) per review sold. How about that for an affiliate program?

In the upcoming days I will be revealing more details- so keep an eye on my blog! But if you have an idea of how I can make this even better, go ahead leave a comment.

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Fr Vlad Zablotskyy