Rediscovering PRWeb continued…

It has been a few weeks now since I started to experiment with getting trackbacks from PRWeb. I have done it with several different blogs and websites. In fact I have received number of visitors who found my blog on Google through “benefits PRWeb“, so I think it would be a good time to give an update.

What are the benefits?

First if you wonder whether or not there is any value in getting a tackback to your wesbite from PRWeb, then you should think “long term” to truly appreciate such link. Unless you find an “aged” press release then of course benefits can come quicker than you may think. I am not sure though that if it is possible to get trackbacks from the archived releases at PRWeb. I believe it is because these releases are no longer “news”. So far I could not find an archived release that would offer you trackback.

So how does it benefit you to get a trackback from PRWeb. It’s very simple. Trackback URL from PRWeb do not use “nofollow”- Google will count those as “pointers” to your website. While the track back from a new pres release will come from a page on PRWeb ranked at 0, the domain is has PR 7- Google crawls is more often and deeper, thus raising a chance of your link to be “discovered”. If you get the trackback, within few days you can notice a difference as I did with Yugster and YouTube.

How easy is to get trackback from PRWeb?

In the beginning of my experiment I thought that releases in certain categories do not automatically give you trackback. While I can not confirm with absolute certainty, I do believe this feature is in the hands of the author of press release. I have received two trackbacks from PRWeb in very competitive categories such as financing and web hosting. Some pres releases will give you a trackback right away while some probably never will. But there was also one time that I received trackback from PRWeb one week after I referenced the release in one of my blogs.

Also, not every press release has trackback enabled. Nevertheless if you like to break a good story now and then on your blog, PRWeb is a good place to find such stories. Benefiting from trackback should come as an extra bonus to you.

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Fr Vlad Zablotskyy