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In the past I have supported the No Nofollow movement. On occasions I may have been overly strong in my opinions when I saw other bloggers removing nofollow attributes for the sake of inviting more comments. The truth is that nothing invites more comments as the valuable content of your posts.

To me nofollow is a way of giving credit to the source. After all, we do that all the time when we cite articles from news website or even from other blogs.

Having said that, I have become increasingly frustrated in my battle against the comment spam. It appears that across the globe certain lists of “dofollow” blogs are circulating. I do not know how else to explain behavior of certain “spammers” jumping from one dofollow blog to another leaving the same messages while using “certified used car salesman” as their name commenting on our blogs.

Making my blog less attractive to these spammers yet rewarding my regular readers, I have decided to use Lucia’s Linky Love Plugin. There is one review of this plugin that comes to my mind. Andy Beard once wrote:

Subaru PictureI was going to liken this plugin to a Ferrari, because it is built to be fast, but it is probably more like a Subaru, not just fast but designed for rugged terrain and can handle the twists and turns of comment spammers without slowing down.

Not being a programmer myself there are times I use plugins because they work. Lucia’s plugin not only works, it makes sense. I am excited to finally try it on one of my blogs.

Make sure to visit Andy’s list of nofollow and dofollow plugins. While you may want to reward your regulars readers, you may also want to have a little more control over the “link juice flow” around your blog. Andy’s list has them all plus links to the solutions on removing nofollow on other popular platforms- Blogger/Blogspot, Moveable Type and Typepad.

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