Yahoo! Search goes GEO

Geographical targeting, offered by Google and MSN, makes it’s way to Yahoo. Many yahoo customers anticipated this move for a long time.

This means that it will be possible to select a geographical area where the ads will appear. It is absolutely “state of the art feature that will no doubt enhance Yahoo services.

Although Local listing at yahoo where to a degree directed to target geographical area. But if anyone living in California typed “New York, auto dealers” the New York auto dealer’s ad will be triggered to appear. I am not sure how relevant this situation would be, I doubt that some one fro California would take a trip to buy a car in New York.

With this new feature an advertising may define the area where the ads should appear. Following the above example, it would be logical for a New York auto dealer to limit his ad appearance let say only to tristate area.

The change will take place some times in the fall, paying attention to all e-mails from Yahoo should facilitate smooth transition.

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Fr Vlad Zablotskyy