Concerned with Google rasing prices on keywords.

If over last few days you saw that your keywords on Adwords have risen to $1 or even $10 a click, you are not the only one. Many people had experienced the same. Evidently they have introduced new algorithm of calculating “quality score”. It is not clear of long term effects of this step, but in the short term many small businesses are upset with Google. I am sure many of them will allocate their budgets to Yahoo and MSN for time being.

So if you have ridiculously expensive keywords in your Adwords campaigns, there are few things can be done. If keywords did not performed well, just get rid of them and look for new ones. If they did performed well until the recent changes at Google, try moving the keywords and ads to MSN and Yahoo at least for time being.

Hopefully all search engines will learn from Google’s mistakes.

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Fr Vlad Zablotskyy